I believe in Good Things Coming!

From the Song of Nahko and Medicine for the People. He was introduced to me by some dearest friends, Brian Ernst and Katie Ernst. I had this sticker on an old traveling workbench. When I built a new one I cut it off and later when Bryon and Katie was visiting I gave it to him. He taped it on his guitar case that has been with him all over the world. So the journey of the message walks on. Accompanied, I might add, with a Chaos sticker.

The Road
Living the Freedom of the open road as I drive straight into the who of who I am!!

Altered Time

Though time cannot be stopped, it can be briefly altered and manipulated. Halting time is easy, just kiss someone with love and compassion. When you feel like traveling in time, read. If you need to escape time and retreat, listen to music. When time is to be felt, write. When you have found the richness to release time, find calmness, reflection and breathe. - dbA 

Silence Musing From My Journals

Number 1
One of the purposes of being is to not be to serious about the purpose.
Number 2
Of all the marks we as humans leave on this earth, why do so many leave such hideous scars? - dbA


When the people, as well as the inanimate objects that define home are no longer there, there is no definition of home anymore. - dbA

Good and Acceptable

In the beginning I was introduced to a path called, “good and acceptable behavior.” It was a lovely looking path having no sharp rises or falls. It was just ordinary, flat and monochrome and I was expected to embrace it. Though the path was framed with beauty, it held nothing fulfilling for the senses. It had no sensation, and if you really looked at what was being presented to you, it appeared to be plastic, manufactured to be adequate without change. I walked this path for a few short years, until one day I stumbled off the well worn trail and fell into the natural rubble that was hidden behind the this façade of nothing. Here in the lush, tall grasses, the real people lived life with emotions and stimulation. Here around every tree, shrub and rock breathed a spectacular adventure blossoming with real beauty that lives and dies. It is a place where dreams are normal and you are expected to chance them. It is the place where your soul thrives and has the loudest declaration. You wonder why I never returned to the realm of acceptable behavior? I sit within a magnificent sunrise being painted around me and listen to truth being spoken. I hear this voice of the soul clearly, without obstruction, speaking with no false noise, or agenda, and know it will only lead into the direction that is right for the true you, of who you are. - dbA

The Rules

I believe that being yourself, your fun loving, happy little nasty self, is the only course to take in being alive, strong and free. The rules.... well the rules are just guidelines and suggestions along the way. - dbA

My Interests

Everything has an extra piece. It is in this element where my interests reside. - dbA