It seems as though it is when the silence starts getting loud, that the emotions invade your being. This is when we become the most vulnerable. This is when our demons wakeup and look. - dbA

Back Street Art Show

Driving the back streets of Las Vegas New Mexico I found an advertisement that, to me, had turned into an art show. I could see it was fleeting, but truly incredible. I’m afraid it won’t last long, as the elements in this arid environment are taking the toll and the message these images were depicting is long gone. But still, art bloomed from there decay, allowing me to see an amazing art show that I quickly and respectfully gave a longer life by framing it into art of my own. In a few short weeks these tattered images will be gone, but for now it moves and illuminates the occasional passerby and gives them a moment of brief pleasure as they raise their heads and invest some time to look and see. – dbA

A Walk Along The Guadalupe River

As I strolled along the dark waters of the Guadalupe River in Kerrville Texas, I wondered what history these banks hold. Who has strolled along the same path when the trees were small and the river was pure. The headwaters of the Guadalupe River begins its flow in the hill country of West Texas flowing into the Gulf at Guadalupe Bay and is named in honor of, Our Lady of Guadalupe. As the desire to dive in and “wash the day away” was strong, I just cannot dive into water that I cannot see through, though I did soak my feet to feel the power of the river. The walk was energizing and the sites and sounds refueled me as I meandered in a natural environment and felt the water with all the energy it evokes. - dbA