I Am Not Lost

There is no way that I am lost, disorientated from time-to-time, but never lost, for I have discovered, “The Way.” I cannot found any detours, diversions on this road that I have chosen to walk. It is an amazing excursion, a journey with no destination. – dbA

The Ones

We are the ones considered crazy, dysfunctional and anti-conformists, but only by the ones, still victims of suppression brought on by cultural and social dominance. The fast growing majority of nameless and faceless hermaphrodites that have been systematically cloned to loose all sense of wonderment from a simple blossoming flower or an emerging butterfly. - dbA

Morning on the Gulf

There is no fee involved with any time spent in the company of a sunrise, yet they are truly worth more to your being then most things with a heavy price tag. - dbA

As I Walk

On a beach, walking on wet sand allowing the water roll around my legs assures me that calmness is key to the Essential Way, the path that I have chosen, and truly must continue to roam.
Everything is not pure, of this I am sure, but I am traveling on an honest journey. A passage that will become greatly filled with authenticity and more grand with each step I take.
As I walk energy from the earth flows through my bare feet into the person that I am. It reclaims the feeling of calmness that has found a way to stay attached to the soul of myself. - dbA

Left the Bolivar Peninsula to Galveston and in route t the next show. But! The Chool Bus made its first ferry crossing in the morning light!


I'm fairly sure that of all the emotions evoked, bewilderment has to be one of the most wickedly magnificent! - dbA

I have to admit or maybe confess my infidelity. But, to coin the phrase and perhaps get it stuck in your easily manipulated thoughts. I am, "torn between two lovers," Wyoming and the Salt Life! I guess at the moment I'm with each one! that one is my true love!!

Crystal Beach, Texas

Hit the ocean and made a left! Crystal Beach! Hot, humid and wonderful!!

The Chool Bus

The Chool Bus is back on the the road!!! Going places I have never seen. Selling things I have not sold and meeting people I have not met before. I'm going to be doing my best to spread the "Essential Way,"

to all I meet!