The greatest befuddlements of mankind is the belief that it is only rubies, gold and diamonds that possess the highest of value. This is a corrupted thought that is strangling humankind as a whole. It is a small, simple dandelion that should hold the highest value and esteem. They are wild, free and cannot be bought. They constantly return without compensation to gift you with their vivid color, while offering a brief moment of merriment to all who cast their eyes. - dbA


It is a paradox owned only by the carefree demeanor and glorious beauty of a butterfly that can pause time, while it gently whispers to death. - dbA
(Photo: Near Siem Reap, Cambodia)

The Lower Beings

I cannot understand why we have lingered and watched our world dissipate as if we cannot feel the wrath of what is happening. There is no logic in that the people wanting clean air, fresh water and land not covered with plastic and toxic debris are labeled activist and deemed lower in our corrupt societies standards. These people that still hold thought, are placed in the radical section of nonconformity, then paraded as lower beings. These are the people that are delicate in a world that is quickly exchanging its sensibility for monetary gain, its kindness for cruelty. - dbA

A Wonderful Day

Each day that passes, was yet another wonderful day where my life was alive and undergoing construction. - dbA

Do So

We Just Never Know... So each time you look at a vista, breathe it in. Each time you you see and visit another person, do so with your soul. Do so because you just never know, you might not ever see and experience them again. - dbA

Mans Gift

There is no logic in this story, but the sensations are so precisely real, that life seems to creep in. I can feel my existence drenched with heavy industrial oil, as it routes its way down the who, of who I am. My eyelids are heavy and tired as it drizzles into my eyes. It is slowing moving down my back and drips from my elbows, but it never splatters anywhere on the gravel at my feet. The aftermath of this degradation is hidden from any seemingly inquisitive eyes. There are no oily stains to witness for people holding doves; the ones saying they care. There is no reason to feel the claustrophobic suffocation of what is being squeezed from my lungs. I look into each of the four directions and see nothing but beauty from every angle, and the feeling of euphoria has been lost. There is only this dripping, thick oil, and the smell of sickening pungent waste. All I can do is watch this dead deer hanging from the fence, a dissipating monument of the horrific death that man gifts the planet, a gift that can materialize so quickly, leaving us with nothing but empty tears. - dbA

As For Me

Well... As for me, I tired of tight fitting cloths, rudeness, responsibility, socks and underwear a long time ago, but I still unreservedly enjoy strong coffee, morning sex and pancakes. - dbA

The Sky Awoke

The sky awoke this morning with amazing wonderment, enflamed in beauty, only to be witnessed for a fleeting moment before all the glorious illumination was erased. Sunrises are fingerprints of the universe. No two are the same, none can be replicated and I stand in the early morning light in total amazement. For these brief moments, all is as right, all is as it should be. - dbA

Live Your Life

From what I have witnessed by viewing the past, and it’s extremely well defined to see the same ways of existence, as far into the future as I care to project, the majority of the world is going to be judgmental. It matters not what you may have chosen to do, you will be judged. I would like to say that this judgment typically derives from, a terrified and bigoted source, but this too would be a conclusion, and I chose merely to live my own life as I see it unfolding. Forget about the judgment and condemnation from others and do whatever it is that you may want to do. Live your life doing whatever you can do to fulfill yourself with happiness. Live your life with purity, the way you, and only you, chose to live it. - dbA