There is a Difference

I was asked why, and I really do not know, but I am slightly different from the norm, in many different ways. This does not mean that I am wrong and you are right, nor does it mean I am deranged in some abnormal way, well...maybe a little. I’m mostly just dissimilar; we are all dissimilar in many unique ways. There is nothing wrong with this and I am not sad about it. I am just not like the other people that seem to worry about it. - dbA

I'm So...... Tired of the snow, but even in disgust, there is beauty. 


My passion and obsession? Well it's easily declared and rather simple, to be around the people that will grow flowers in my mind. - dbA                     Photo: Sukhothai, Thailand 

Contributing to the Chaos

I have often been asked, mostly out of confusion, what is Contributing to the Chaos? My first response in a knee-jerk sort of way, is if you have to ask, you are not. But, to clarify what it means, to me, and that it is not a bad thing, despite the fact that a very close friend was heavily harassed crossing the Canadian border. The border guard saw a Chaos sticker I had given to him and thought we was a possible terrorist.


Contributing to the Chaos, a Mandate to Living Life
Contributing to the Chaos is more about, contributing to life and living with reckless abandonment, while exuding calmness and compassion, amidst the chaos. Our world is in a constant chaotic state and in this capacity of high confusion and disorder, if we carefully look and listen beyond the pandemonium, we can hear the rumbling of the oncoming anarchy. A natural progression as we wait for the Plato and Socrates, ending finally of the Philosopher King. So the contribution to the chaos, through many of my obscure facets, is to contribute to life. To live life now as our future is truly, at best, only tomorrow. This is the only way we can find some contentment and sense of who we are, in a world that is insensibly out of control. – dbA   Photo: Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia


It’s the moment of clarity that often overwhelm us. The times when the startling realization of, this moment is your life. Do not hesitate, breathe it into your soul because, With the next blink it is no longer part of your life. It has tumbled into your past to make company with the rest of your passing moments. – dbA  Photo: Sukhothai, Thailand 

Dangerous Consequences

There are dangerous consequences about to be witnessed as we watch the commencement of anarchy rain on all that is. We sit like stringless puppets and do nothing, but watch our politicians and rulers forget all moral principles as they degrade the living with false hope and deceit. -dbA

Far Away Adventure

Adventure, wandering and far away destinations are my life. I wrap these with love, gratitude and compassion, dip them into my love affair with the written word, and with an artistic stroke of imagination, allow them to become my reality. - dbA
Photo: Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia