A reflection of the early morning. Coffee, writing, journals, serenity, calmness and today, snow!!

My Art journals

I’ve been doing art journals for years they are a huge part of my creative process, both literally and figuratively. They constantly keep changing, manifesting into the ideas that constantly flow into my mind. Ideas, ways and expression they also keep changing and growing.

Like I Said Awhile Past!
One of the reasons why I choose to call Wyoming my home!

Dream and Know Love
I just want to live without drama, thrive in peace and know love. I want to dream and never misplace this important part of me, but knowing elephants or planting potatoes would be nice too. - dbA
Photo: wall detail in a Wat, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Welcome Home
1979 discharged from the Army and back with my buddy's, who are welcoming me back, no-holds-barred. Wild times in Denver, to say the least!!

No Mater What
It can all happen in just one minute, if you allow it. Walk outside. Stand in silence. Feel the earth at your feet. Open your heart and look up into the sky. Feel the calmness as you begin to feel gratitude. Now, realize just how amazing life truly is, no mater what! - dbA

Walked On

There is a sadness 
that constantly resides
at my side, 
like a shadow 
It mimics my every move.
Is it because
my Mother
and my Father
are gone,
they have walked on, 
that all I feel now,  
about love,
is that I'm loved, 
but unloveable?
                       - dbA