True Freedom

The truest form of freedom is not so much found within the lifestyle of a gypsy on the open road. True freedom is to live, speak and grow with the thoughts and dreams that are erupting from within the person that you truly are. A freethinking mind living free is never curtailed from the fearful.


When the moment arches and you seek comfort and look for an escape, you relax your mind to wonder. Take notice to where it is wondering. Look at the optimisms and dreams it takes refuge in. Is this not where you need to live always, now that you mind has knowing wondered and took you to your own sanctuary.

Stop & Listen

Stop and listen. The universe is speaking in small messages carefully wrapped in serendipitous moments. Stop and listen. Hear her voice as we are being asked to look around and believe in the all of something more.


Magic is tranquilly all around. The earth has never misplaced, or hidden it in some dark, recessed corner. We have carelessly or persuasively forgotten that to see it, we must believe it. Man has turned magic to a fable as to better control the actions of the masses. Discovering magic again is simple. All that is required is to open your eyes to the earth’s treasures, then expose your soul to the wonderment of the universe and you will see the abundant magic all around us. As your eyes again fill with astonishment and bliss, unclutter your heart and you will see that there is no fear accompanying this magnificent vision.

Silver City, New Mexico

I’m not sure how to chant a narrative about Silver City, New Mexico,

other than it hums with a high energy that some of the towns we

thought were cool had, before it was lost for reasons I won’t get into

here. Silver City, a town seemingly at the end of the road, is a highly

eclectic town that devoured me with the feeling of being welcome.

Everyone I spoke with was amazingly open and sociable and we quickly

fell into a fitting conversation. These freethinking people had

thoughts and ideas well outside the realm of normal, which was like an

aphrodisiac for me. Needless to say I contributed with some great

implementation of dialogue and I really didn’t want to leave.
     I will add some of the factual aspects of the town and area.

Actualities like it was the starting point, over a stolen shirt, for the

Billy the Kid saga. It was the stomping grounds of the Apache Leader,

Geronimo. Nearby by you will find the Gila Cliff Dwellings National

Monument and it is the gateway to Gila National Forest.
      Silver City was also erupting with the elements I search for when discovering a energetic vibe in a new location, like a close proximity to hot springs, which it has. An amazing music scene, they have live music someplace all most every night, not to mention the concerts and music festivals. I also think one of the most imperative elements to any location has to be the art scene. Silver City was named one of the 100 best art towns in America. With a population of just over 10,000 people it is home to over 30 art galleries. Without revealing more, as this is just a teaser and you will have to go there to make your own assessment, Silver City, after just one visit, would safely find a spot on my list of Top 10 Towns. - dbA

Sunrise in the Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico!

Slam! Did you hear that? Let me do it again. SLAM!! That was a mechanical vibration transmitted and traveling in air at a speed of approximately 1087 feet per second. This is the sound, ringing around the world, of our minds closing, which is by far the most dreadfully heinous thing that can happen. - dbA