The most important gift you can give someone is presence. Bring your mind home to your body and offer your presence.

It's a moment of gratitude that ignites me, when out of the blue I receive an act of kindness. I met Roger and Kate on the road last summer, shared some great conversation and fresh strawberries which Kate used to create an amazing shortcake. She also dabbles in watercolor and now, months later, I received her rendering of the Chool Bus. This is why I have such a deep love for a Vagabond lifestyle on the road. It's meeting people. To quote my buddy Dave V. "you have to be on the road, to have road experiences."

Look and See

It takes only an insignificant sum of time to look into the sky. When it rains look for rainbows. When the sun is dropping into the West, look and see the miraculous canvas the Universe is painting. When it is dark, look for the stars and supply yourself with the wonderment of knowing that this infinity holds the true of who we are. Relax as it bathes you with the conformation of the spirituality we live with. Permit it to show that it’s okay to talk to the trees, whisper lyrics of love to the flowers and laugh with the humor of a cottontail rabbit. It is genuine to fall in love with each sunset after courting the sunrise. Consult life when in the water and allow its purity to cleans the soul. Stand barefoot on the earth with a hand on your heart and warship to all that is, all the will be. Look and truly see that each source of light sprinkles life onto you just a little bit brighter. - dbA


There is a subconscious stimulation that influences are behavior, as in red. Red summons caution, to be alert and to stop. I for one, do not want to be influenced by caution, I want the influence of blue. I desire to always be looking into the vast blue, towards wonderment where it backgrounds astonishment. I choose to gaze towards the heavens were I can feel and know freedom. Looking into and seeing blue conjures a carefree and open-minded, peaceful way of being. Blue should be the only color that maters. – dbA

It Was You

It was the moment that I saw your beauty that my eyes opened. Then we spoke and the words from your mouth unwrapped my mind. Then I listened and could not step away as my soul let me see what was in your mind. And then, with your smile, your kindness untied my heart. - dbA

I Wake Early

Yes I wake well before dawn. These early morning hours are the most important hours of the day. I enjoy the quite and the creative time just in the company of introverted self. For the whole of being I am happy and in being so I believe I require less sleep. It could also mean I need to wake early to visit, categorize and regulate the awkward and weird personalities within myself I often start the day with. I wake early because I am excited about being awake and being involved with myself throughout the day. Life excites me and then there is the coffee. Brewed from fresh ground beans and left to seep in a French Press before pressing and poured into a waiting cup. Then the hypnotic aroma wafting up overpowers you as you feel the security of the heavy mug traveling towards your lips. With a gently cooling breathe, as euphoric as a breath into your lovers ear, as the anticipated flavor erupts and your mind rushes with just being here at this moment, right now. Yes… I have to mention the coffee. – dbA

I Change

I smile within when I hear someone speak of me from my past, or about my past, even when the encounter was merely a month past. They are speaking of a person that has changed, a person they do not know anymore. - dbA

An Orchestrated Dance

There are nights, adrenalizing nights, sitting among the crowded and imperial sagebrush, appraising my existence, while being blanketed under distant stars that forever shine in my eyes. The jubilant thoughts run hot and cold, positive and negative, good and bad as I flirt with the devil to find conformation that Lucifer is real. But, I never fear, as I have seen the light and realize that he too, knows the purity of love. It's a turbulent storm I hunt and interrogate, without ever asking a question. I splash through degradation and boredom, while seldom getting wet, chasing stimulation in this orchestrated dance for a meaningful life. - dbA

Thriving Within

The most natural way, the real way of a person is to be completely uninhibited with expression and thrive within the awkward and imperfect moments that make individuality be understood. These are the people I like. These are the people I seek, the ones that find no reason to hide from themselves. – dbA