A new pallette as a vehicle to display some of the written word. 
With suffering... comes knowledge... With knowledge... comes choice... With choice comes change.

Open your heart
and dance. 
Dance with the birds 
and let their wings
give you the freedom 
of the sun. 


with a kind and open heart.
to the wondrous person 
you were, 
before the world noticed
and decided to stop 
and redefine you. 


waltz and glide, 
lose all limits, 
lose all intention of ending.


until that person knowing
the freedom of sun, 
and reunited with being. - dbA

(photo of my dear friend Katherine, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.)

Never Forgetting

As time passes and people move about, or possibly even leave, memories can sometime lose their robust colors and slightly fade. Feelings seemingly change, as they become less prominent, losing the warmth and vibrancy. But your heart…. well your heart just never forgets how it has felt. - dbA


Seeing things like these goats nonchalantly meandering along, while on a random drive along the river, is one of the reasons why I choose to call Wyoming my home!


Polaroids from the Past

Years back I did some work on a few Marlboro advertising campaigns. I had the great pleasure to work with Darrell Winfield, who has been declared, the official, "Marlboro Man." You were not allowed to keep any images that were made during the shoot, but I just came across these old Polaroid's from testing indoor lighting schemes. They were in the bottom of an old camera bag. 



So many times I have been invited to different churches and religious gatherings, but seldom do I go. I have no faults with anyones course of worship, beliefs, or spirituality. I recognize it is part of who they are and I applaud them for believing, no mater what manner they may follow. But, my spiritual practice, like many others, is day in and day out, and does not consist of a weekend workshop. I believe, and try with all that I am to live it loudly with calmness and project it boldly with kindness, each and every day. - dbA



With all that I am, I try to be nice and show compassion, but sometimes!!! Well... sometimes that demon finds its way to the surface and breaks through the crust. Then it's gone for another decade. Thanks for capturing this moment from my past Terry Allen. (No one was harmed in the making of this image)

Slow Down

When we start to slow down, find the riches of calm, and listen carefully, you can hear the most remarkable wisdom. These words are free gifts with no attachments, and often derive from the most unexpected person. What we cannot be so foolish as to overlook, is that each unique person that is in, or passing through your life, is doing so for a reason that belongs to you. - dbA

My Navigator

I cannot travel through life on a misguided tour that navigates through meaningless drama of someone else, to only arrive at a mere state of survival. My path is more in line with a thriving lust for passion in all that I do. This journey circumnavigates all bumps, road blocks and chuckholes as I employ calmness, kindness, compassion, love and gratitude as my navigator. - dbA


At Peace

The gentle evenings tranquility of standing in the surf and looking out into the abyss of the ocean is like feeling the euphoria of a lovers embrace. You are lost in all that is, but you are immersed in the peace of where you are at. - dbA
Playa Colorado, Nicaragua.