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to the chaotic and often strange life of a Quasi, Clumsy Spiritual Warrior, Dan Abernathy. This is the weekly Newsletter where I share with you my voice, be it in words, art, or my collections of oddities, fascinations, desires and obsessions. Here I will make available 98% of all my perspectives, be they fluid and random, meandering and incomplete, or things I have completed and offering. They other 2% I keep to himself, archived and a gift for the scholars and naysayers to decipher later on. This will all be delivered to you via the web, whether I am roaming the road in his converted 1991 International school bus, The Chool Bus, home in Pinedale, Wyoming or briefly hanging my hat in another dusty corner of the world.

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The Chaos Newsletter

The  Weekly Newsletter of Dan Abernathy

Issue Number Thirteen

August 21, 2017

Day of the Solstice and  commercial Frenzy!


Hello This Morning!

“Look, find and surround yourself with people of vision, ideas and bizarre experiences. Let them talk loud about life and living for the adventure of new while freely using the garnish of laughter.” - dbA


It was with a boundless release, leaving the unimportant small town drama of dead moose and uncaring, close-minded department heads and politicians and return to the road. About the time I drove over the rim heading north, the downward drop in elevation removed it from my being and I was overcome with a, Don’t give a shit attitude, for what was behind me, while embracing a feel good attitude for what the road had to offer in front of me. I am on the open road, plugged in, turned on and tuned out, and here I will stay absorbing life on the road and the carefree freedom of a vagabond- slash – art carney.


Norris Hot Springs. Norris Montana

My first destination was Norris Hot Springs. I’ve written, spoke and enjoyed these healing waters more than once, but journeying into Montana on this route must include an overnight stay here. The healing water is great and the food is fantastic, plus I have never been in this water without striking a conversation with some interesting people. This soak was no different. Had a great conversation with a couple more travelers, Corey who is a photographer and Genafer, who coincidentally, happens to be a jewelry rep. Hmmm? They are traveling in a RV on a yearlong honeymoon. You can see their adventure at, It is people like this guys that make travel so great and I am sure I’ll be seeing them down the Road! – dbA


The Chool Bus

Notes from a vagabond lifestyle and living on the road in a converted school bus, dubbed,

“The Chool Bus,”

Reflected distortions, a fleeting image of the Chool Bus at a rest stop near Missoula, Montana. I posted this image in route to Huckleberry Days Art Festival in Whitefish, Montana, but I wanted to archive it here as well. This was a brief image that caught my eye and evoked a smile.


News From  from Chaos Creations

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Lourie and Rachel with their purchase from Chaos Creations.

Sweet Pea Art Festival in Bozeman Montana was a great show. I do believe the attendance was down and the art venders were less then in the past, the show was a great one for me. There is a lot of new people, and some old buyers, walking the streets of Bozeman with new pieces of my jewelry.  


After a couple of long days in the back of the bus, where I was diligent with creating more new pieces for my depleted inventory, the Chool Bus turned north towards Whitefish and the Huckleberry Arts Festival. This show did not prove to be as successful as the Sweet Pea, but there are no bad shows. I did all right, made some new friends and got to see some amazing country that I had never seen before.


The payoff for going to Whitefish is the country, the mountains, the cool energy that pulsates and the people. I don’t think I have ever been into a new town so full of friendly people

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This week, in the Oral Art of the Spoken Word, brings more stimulating words from Lee Johnson of Itasca, IL


This week, in the Oral Art of the Spoken Word, brings more stimulating words from, Jocelyn Moore, from Pinedale Wyoming and Al Simmons from Alameda, California.


Please click through, you will enjoy these words and if you have a stanza or two, submit your poetry for possible publication. Submission details are inside this section.

Montana Coffee Traders


It’s not often that I will have a latte, but when I do I expect one made to perfection from a barista that has been trained in the art of doing so. My expectations were met head-on at Montana Coffee Traders. My caramel latte was crafted to perfection.


I had been in this coffeehouse in downtown Whitefish, Montana having my normal brew of dark roasted coffee, which was also brewed to meet the standers of any self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, or snob, which ever the case may be.


Montana Coffee Traders has been roasting their coffee in an old farmhouse in the mountain town Whitefish, Montana since 1981. Sitting at an elevation of 3000 feet, the coffee is roasted at nearly the same altitude it is grown which surly enhances the perfection of their superb roasted bean.

The reason I was attracted to Montana Coffee Traders was the crowd coming and going, a tell-tell sign of good coffee. What I found was not only great coffee, but also a place where you are more than a customer. I quickly felt like a local that had sauntered through the doors each morning, looking for an eye opener and the comfort of heart felt greetings to stimulate your being as much as the coffee. If you haven’t been in one of their coffeehouses to indulge in their coffee, then may I suggest you do so? I assure you won’t be disappointed.


The coffeehouse I was at was in Whitefish and they also roast their beans in Whitefish, but they also have locations in Kalispell and Columbia Falls.


Montana Coffee Traders Inc.
Whitefish Coffeehouse

110 Central Ave

Whitefish, MT 59937



Monday - Saturday  7 AM - 6 PM

Sunday 8 AM - 4 PM

McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park

Glacier Natural Park


Glacier Natural Park has always been on my list to explore. With this northern excursion to Whitefish I finally got to traverse into its boundaries. I literal “stick my toe,” in it as I made a day trip to Lake McDonald. I feel pretty confidant that this is not going to be my last excursion into this park as it was absolutely amazing and I’m sure I wasn’t even close to experiencing what the park truly has to offer.  


What Lake McDonald does have are colored pebbles that adorn this lakes edge. The water is so unbelievably clear with hundreds of thousands of pebbles and rocks just below the waters surface. These rocks range in color from dark red to maroon and from green to blue. I found it to be a very unique vision that was multiplied with the sun reflecting on the moving water. These movements above the colored rocks made an impression in art that would make Monet proud.


Lake McDonald is the largest lake in the park, 10 miles long and over 500 feet deep and the direct result of glacial carving. Here too, is the historic Lake McDonald Lodge, a 3 ½ story structure built in 1913 where you can still book a room, provided of course you make your reservation at least a year in advance.


The only thing I kind of forgot and want to add is like most National Parks, for this vagabond to keep his true essence alive, post August excursions are better suited.


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