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The Blog of Formulated Words         

of Dan Abernathy

Welcome to the Chool Cast.

Coming to you from where ever the Chool Bus, a 1991 converted International school bus that I call home, may be parked.


This podcast is a reflection of me, a nomadic Renaissance Man, an outlaw poet, artist, and purveyor of words, a junkyard philosopher, and a vagabond searching for a purely hedonistic meaning for the way of life. My voice, be it in words or art, is a collection of oddities, and obsessions – a road map, tracking a man that can’t and won’t fit in.


While making this visible, I practice the therapeutic healing of one, living in the now, among the mountains, deserts, oceans, without any recognized certificate, or seal of social approval. I walk this path softly with the hope of leaving compassion as his only footprint.


This podcast is for thought and to meet, not just myself and my thoughts, but other peoples as well. I am not here to solve anything. All I want is to interject the possibility of thought in someone else and introduce you to some of the eclectic people I meet.


The Blog of Formulated Words          of Dan Abernathy

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